​Hydration For


 ​Six years ago, EPW California (Environmentally Pure Water, formerly EP Solutions) was formed to solve real world client issues. A California based company located in Santa Monica and Northern California, we have worked with corporations implementing solar systems, digital networks and water filtration systems. From here in California, all the way to Europe. The world is our boundary. 

 After witnessing clients struggle to acquire quality products at negotiated prices, the company was launched. Our main focus is high efficient water coolers and brining purified prestige water to your work place or home. We mainly do high volume orders but also do a lot of work with the private sector. We only use quality systems that pass our tests of excellence. We take pride in every product we sell.  The company uses its superior research, resources, contacts and business knowledge to satisfy client goals. We identify and purchase products that clients (not salesman!) desire.

Here is a typical scenario of a new client. They have
specific, not general needs to fulfill. Clients are busy. Clients lack
Clients need expert assistance. To remedy these issues we avoid “recommending” solutions that do not live up to needs of our clients. We prevent purchasing catastrophes in advance. 

The more difficult the task, the better we perform.​