*See Advanced Filters for 5 stage filtration process

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Don't worry, we offer great coolers for your home as well. As well as selling these coolers, we can also set the systems up as well wherever you would like in your home. Our technicians will install a water line wherever you prefer the units to be placed. We suggest this service as it can be somewhat tricky to do.

 Here at EPW we suggest the  7050 or 5000 series. Perfect size for any home. Slim design with a modern look. The attraction of any kitchen or small office. The kids will be sure to enjoy it as well with any member of the family. 

You can rest to sure everyone including any pets you might have will be drinking clean healthy and safe water.

If space is tight, we carry a few different counter top units as well. These can easily be placed on any counter (with proper water lines) 

We offer the same warranty as well like we do with the BIG companies.

Residential Homes


  • Sediment Filter - Removes dust and rust remains in which these particles are effectively large in size. Prevent various impurities from entering the other filters  in order tho increase filter performance and life span.
  • Pre Carbon Filter - Activated carbon filter with excellent absorbing that removes organic chemical substances that also smell, such as chlorine.
  • Post Carbon Filter - Removes unpleasant taste and smells from water that enhances the degree of water purity, which makes the water more tasteful.
  •  Kidney Filter - A very unique filter that uses the principle of the human kidney that removes waste material from our body and that of a filter used in artificial kidney dialyzer, the advanced medical device.



EPW takes pride in making in our customers happy. It's our upmost responsibility to make sure our clients are treated well and get the services they need, customer service wise and technical. We stand behind every water cooler we sell. Our coolers are are made with high quality LG components and durable quality materials to make sure your cooler has a long life span. We have long term relationships with our customers. After you receive our coolers, our relationship doesn't stop there. EPW offers ongoing service plans to make sure your cooler never has any down time and is always running at peak performance.

Our technicians are highly educated and trained to take care of these coolers.

Our philosophy is that if you have a problem, then we have a problem. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Benefits of EPW Services

  • Quarterly, monthly or yearly visits to your home or office by a EPW certified technician

  • Units will always be operable with little to no down time

  • We offer bulk discounts to customers who buy multiple units

  • Always one phone call or e-mail away

  • Satellite & in person training with consulting your needs

  • You never have to deal with the hassles of owning one.

  • We do all the work for you 

  • No overtime fees

  • After hours work (like ghosts)

  • Above and beyond work ethic NO ONE can match

                       EPW 101

"We do what the other guys won't"

     "Customer comes first"